PALE-Blu Work Packages

The project plan has been designed to ensure the partners can efficiently meet the aims and objectives of the project.  To do this the workload has been divided into twelve work packages:

  • WP1: Epidemiological analyses of BTV strains circulating in Europe.
  • WP2: Identify and characterise BTV strains circulating in ‘source’ regions that represent potential threats to Europe.
  • WP3: Disentangle relative effects of environmental and anthropogenic factors in BTV spread and quantify connectivity between epi-zones over short periods of time.
  • WP4: Map interactions between environment and Culicoides populations and their microbiomes, and quantify connectivity between Culicoides sub-populations over long periods of time.
  • WP5: Develop innovative multiplex diagnostic tools for BTV identification and typing.
  • WP6: Develop cell lines derived from additional Culicoides vector species.
  • WP7: Investigate / characterise orbivirus-related genetic control of infection, replication and vector competence in adult European Culicoides and Culicoides cell lines.
  • WP8: Investigate and characterise virus-related genetic control of horizontal transmission (HT) of BTV in the ruminant host.
  • WP9: Explore the significance of Culicoides saliva proteins in the infection, transmission and immune responses to BTV within the vertebrate host.
  • WP10: Develop novel BT vaccines and vaccination strategies for BTV.
  • WP11: Develop Antiviral strategies for BTV.
  • WP12: Establish a comprehensive communication strategy for the consortium  .