PALE-Blu Publications

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  • Alkhamis M., Fountain-Jones NM., Aguilar-Vega C., Sanchez-Vizcaino J.M. Environment, vector, or host? Using machine learning to untangle the mechanisms driving arbovirus outbreaks. Ecological Applications, 31(7):e02407. DOI: 10.1002/eap.2407
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  • Attoui H, Monsion B, Klonjkowski B, Zientara S, Mertens PPC, Mohd Jaafar F. Identification of the Genome Segments of Bluetongue Virus Type 26/Type 1 Reassortants Influencing Horizontal Transmission in a Mouse Model. Viruses. 2021; 13(11):2208.
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  • Fairbanks, E. L., Brennan, M. L., Mertens, P. P. C., Tildesley, M. J., & Daly, J. M. (in press). Re-parameterisation of a mathematical model of African horse horse sickness virus using data from a systematic literature search. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases,
  • Guimerà Busquets, M.; Pullinger, G.D.; Darpel, K.E.; Cooke, L.; Armstrong, S.; Simpson, J.; Palmarini, M.; Fragkoudis, R.; Mertens, P.P.C. An Early Block in the Replication of the Atypical Bluetongue Virus Serotype 26 in Culicoides Cells Is Determined by Its Capsid Proteins. Viruses 2021, 13, 919.
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    • Mohd Jaafar, F.; Monsion, B.; Belhouchet, M.; Mertens, P.P.C.; Attoui, H. Inhibition of Orbivirus Replication by Fluvastatin and Identification of the Key Elements of the Mevalonate Pathway Involved. Viruses 2021, 13, 1437. https://
    • van Rijn, P.A.; Maris-Veldhuis, M.A.; Spedicato, M.; Savini, G.; van Gennip, R.G.P. Pentavalent Disabled Infectious Single Animal (DISA)/DIVA Vaccine Provides Protection in Sheep and Cattle against Different Serotypes of Bluetongue Virus. Vaccines 2021, 9, 1150.


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    • Rajko-Nenow P, Golender N, Bumbarov V, Brown H, Frost L, Darpel K, Tennakoon C, Flannery J, Batten C. (2020) Complete Coding Sequence of a Novel Bluetongue Virus Isolated from a Commercial Sheeppox Vaccine. Microbiol Resour Announc. 2020 Mar 5;9(10):e01539-19.  DOI: 10.1128/MRA.01539-19. PMID: 32139561
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